Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Coconut Winter Squash Soup

I apologize for my recent hiatus, but I have not been doing a lot of cooking as my husband just had two teeth pulled and can't eat much more than mush.  It's a dreary day outside: the skies are dark and foreboding, and the rain has been pouring down off and on throughout the day. It's one of those days where you'd rather not leave the house, but it is also the kind of day that is perfect for soup! Today's recipe was recommended by my fellow vegan and friend, Erinn Whitmore.
I have to admit, putting today's dish together was a bit more complex than I prefer (meaning it takes a good chunk of time and there is a lot of chopping), but the end result was certainly worth it. My belly is full not only of creamy, delicious coconut winter squash soup, but also a good comforting feeling as the murky weather passes over us.  I recommend adding plenty of salt, and mixing some crackers in for a nice, crunchy touch.

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  1. I did add lots of salt too: the potatoes really absorbed all the salt from the broth so it needed salt. I crushed up Mary's Gone Crackers gluten free crackersa for crunch, it was delicious! Glad you enjoyed :)