Sunday, August 5, 2012

Homestyle Green Beans and Potatoes and a VBA nomination

I'm back from a long hiatus, and I know I owe several of you my apologies for disappearing like I did! I took a heavy course load this summer of chemistry, calculus, and math modeling, and as you can imagine, I was quite the busy little beaver. Thankfully this quarter was another success for me and I came through with straight A's! One more quarter and I will have my associate's degree in Middle Grades Education; then I will be off to big kid college for my bachelor's.
Today I came upon a nice little surprise. My best friend and fellow vegan (and also, fellow ferret lover), Erinn Whitmore, nominated this blog for the Versatile Blogger Award! Many thanks to her for thinking of me, and after seeing her nomination I was called to the kitchen and to the keyboard to blog about a new dish.
So without further ado, and I know you've all been waiting for it, I give you today's recipe: Homestyle Green Beans and Potatoes.

You can probably tell that I have an affinity for the bean that is green. If you have viewed my previous posts, you can see that a few of them are green bean related. Well, that's because I do in fact have an affinity for them. It's one of my favorite vegetables and it's definitely a staple in our home.
Today's dish is one of my favorite meals to cook. It's satisfying, tasty, and warms the soul with that Southern style flavor. It goes perfectly with a side of corn bread or garlic bread. I almost always enjoy mine with garlic bread made with whole-grain bread. It is great for sopping up all that delicious broth. It's also perfect on a rainy, dreary day like today as it's just so comforting. I hope that all of you will enjoy it as much as my family and I do.
Finally, I must abide by the rules of the VBA by thanking my wonderful friend Erinn for giving my blog the VBA nomination, and I must tell you a few things about myself:
1. I love all animals and currently have two dogs, two cats, four ferrets, and a couple tanks full of fish.
2. I've been vegan for close to a year now. In October it will officially be a year.
3. I currently attend school at Georgia Military College, but I'm not a cadet.
4. I want to teach math to middle school children and hopefully instill in them a love of math and learning.
5. I love to cook new things and learn new techniques and skills to better myself.
6. I love Broadway musicals.
7. I'm an Air Force brat and have lived all over the U.S. and have traveled various parts of Europe. My dad is a retired Major.
Lastly, I must return the favor and nominate up to 15 blogs. Sadly I don't really tune in to many of them so my list won't be very long.
Of course, my friend Erinn's blog Mustelemania is just as deserving of this award. Her ferrety anecdotes are always entertaining to read and it almost seems at times she has an endless wealth of ferret information. She has been my friend for several years and has taught me much that I now know about ferrets. Even still I am always turning to her when I have a question or need advice.
Second I'd like to nominate Fat Free Vegan Kitchen. I have used quite a few of the recipes from this blog and they have turned out to be some of the tastiest dishes I've tried. Plus it's nice to be able to enjoy a great meal without the guilt!
Thirdly and lastly my nomination goes to Ferret Harmony, a blog (and also forum) that is written by a group of ferret lovers and friends whose goal is for ferret owners to get together and share information, advice, and anecdotes while adhering to their motto, "Where treating people right is as important as treating ferrets right!"   Ferret Harmony isn't just about the ferrets. It's about the friendships that can be built through ferrets as well!
Hope you all enjoyed my post today and I promise you'll be seeing more!